17th November 2012

Dave, hello!

Tell me, this cheap booze thing – is there no way that you can fire the ministers who are in opposition to your plan to hike the price of alcohol?  I mean, surely they realise that they will still have a subsidised bar available to them, and in addition to this it is a fact that price will not put off the feckless and lazy unsubsidised drinkers, which just means more money to help towards the “deficit”.

I am sure that you have all of the information on alcoholism and binge drinking available to you; alcohol sales would not fall.  It really is an incredibly shrewd plan, particularly because the only people this will really affect are the scroungers, who frankly don’t deserve a beer on a Friday night anyway.  I do wish there were a way that we could ensure that tax payers’ money didn’t go towards alcohol, unless it were for cabinet ministers.

Of course, referring back to the most miserable and destitute, there’s the slight worry that petty crime may increase as those who have genuine drinking problems take more and more desperate measures to get their next fix, but with the new Police & Crime Commissioners in place I’m sure this will be a minor inconvenience.  Ooh, gosh, was that part of the plan?  Don’t the opposing ministers know all of this? Dave, just fire them, honestly.

Love and hugs,

Katy Anchant


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