15th November 2012

15th November 2012


Hi Dave,

I was reading just last night about the sharp rise in families who are living in B&Bs in the capital and absolutely agree with you that this is entirely unacceptable and avoidable.  Allegedly one in five of these families are made homeless because of the end of a private tenancy agreement, but I also remember that many families were forced from their homes after new housing benefit caps came into effect in February of this year.  I personally think that capping housing benefit was an excellent idea, as there is absolutely no reason why these people shouldn’t be able to raise a bit of extra cash to pay their rent, and in not doing so they did nothing but prove their laziness and disdain for society.

The big problem with housing these wasters in B&Bs, though, is that as you know the cost to the tax payer is often three or four times that of paying adequate housing benefit for them.  Families who were scrounging £1,000 a month from the government are now costing £1,000 a week instead, so your excellent cost-cutting plans seem to have backfired somewhat.  Don’t worry too much though, as everybody makes mistakes, Dave.

My suggestion to you, which I hope you’ll take seriously, is that these families, instead of being offered B&B accommodation in London, should be given a tent and offered space in public parks outside of the city.  If this rule were rolled out amongst all of the B&B proles there could be mass camps throughout the sticks, costing the tax payer next to nothing (aside from the cost of a tent) and bothering nobody but the most hardcore dog-walkers.  Imagine if you will a large field filled with happy campers, cooking broth on camping stoves and all huddling together for warmth, a little like Glastonbury but with far more solidarity.  Controversial, I agree, but what a great way to reduce the deficit without having to bother Starbucks.

Love as ever,

Katy Anchant


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