12th November 2012

12th November 2012

Hello Dave,

I do hope you had a restful Sunday.  I had hoped to write to you then, too, but as a severe CFS sufferer I often find myself unable to fulfil even the most pleasant of tasks, such as writing to you.  I must say that I am very much looking forward to my next meeting with Atos regarding my £100 per week benefits, since according to them CFS is more or less a made-up illness.  It will be interesting to have these meagre benefits revoked.  Perhaps then I will be able to get to a size zero instead of an 8!  We are ALL in this together Dave, and I will be happy to do my bit to reduce the deficit, even if that means giving up food entirely.  I am confident that you never abuse the subsidised meals and alcohol available to MPs.  You are far too humanitarian for that sort of thing.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to write to you today was to congratulate you and your chaps on managing to block the names of workfare employers.  As the DWP have stated, there would be a very real risk of protests against these organisations, but I simply can’t imagine why.  The Lumpenproletariat should know by now that you have their very best interests at heart, and these companies using JSA claimants to clean private houses can only be a good thing.  After all, that kind of work experience could mean that these lazy scroungers end up cleaning old Nick’s office on £6.95 an hour, much like Valdemar Ventura does, and you don’t hear HIM asking for a living wage.  They’re clearly just too entrenched in their “something for nothing” attitude to even realise what a fantastic career opportunity that would be.

In closing, do keep an eye on that Valdemar character.  Even though you have his very best interests at heart I’m not sure he does yours.

Love from,

Katy Anchant


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